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The Councillors

There are six councillors and one clerk. Councillors are elected every four years and anyone can stand for election as long as they are a resident of the parish or live within 3 miles of it. Being a Councillor is a voluntary position and done because the people who stand want to try to improve life for their community.


They are the first tier of local government and deal with things like supplying and emptying bins, maintenance of the recreation grounds and improving play facilities. These are amongst our "statutory" duties. On top of this we try to work with our partners including the Borough and County Councils to deal with any concerns residents might have about things not directly under our control, such as dog mess, traffic problems and policing issues.


The Clerk, Kevin Hayes and John The Caretaker, are the only paid employees of the council. Kevin works 40 hours a month from his home address on the Birmingham Road in Ansley Village.. The clerks role is to ensure the smooth running of the parish council.

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